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Re: [mill_drill] Re: collets and drawbar

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  • Jack Dinan
    Thanks Skip. Fine idea. I ll try the slit nut approach. Jack
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 30 7:40 PM
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      Thanks Skip. Fine idea. I'll try the slit nut approach.

      >I keep nuts thread rod couplers of various sizes at the lathe for holding
      >bolts and rod. Some I have cut a slit in the side length ways so that the
      >chuck can compress the nut on the bolt or rod. I works great. If you are
      >cutting deep and the rod turns in the nut just add a lock nut. The hole
      >through the spindle should be big enough for a full 3/8" draw bar to go
      >all the way through. If not I would make it that way. That's the only way
      >it will work conveniently.
      >Skip Campbell
      >Ft. Worth, Texas
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