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Anybody know the ENCO FREE SHIPPING CODE for February?

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  • Tom Burgess
    I spoke with ENCO not long ago and they were accepting WEBNRJN6. But now I m pretty sure that was in late January. I have two of their Hot Deals sale flyers
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2006
      I spoke with ENCO not long ago and they were accepting WEBNRJN6.  But now I'm pretty sure that was in late January.
      I have two of their Hot Deals sale flyers on hand.  Both are current.  Does the FREE SHIPPING CODE appear in these somewhere? 
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      Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 10:44 PM
      Subject: Re: [mill_drill] Re: What attaches an EXPANDING ARBOR to your mill table?

      Tom Burgess wrote:

      > Robert George suggested this 5C Indexing Spin Jig, which I think is a
      > very good idea:
      > http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRIT?PARTPG=INLMKD&PMPXNO=950007&PMAKA=235-6011

      Yes the spin indexers are very good.  I don't have one since
      I have an indexing head, but it doesn't use 5-C collets

      > Are 5C collets externally threaded at the rear of the collet?

      5C collets are externally threaded at the rear for a drawbar
      and are also threaded internally for an adjustable collet
      stop so you can control the depth that a part will go into
      the collet.  That feature is quite handy too, especially
      when making many parts of the same design.

      > The Collet Fixture you suggest looks VERY strong.  Do you know if the
      > Spin Jig will hold a 5C collet as rigidly as that Collet Fixture?

      I don't know since I don't have the spin indexer.  I know
      that the one I mentioned does quite well and you can bolt it
      down so that the collet is horizontal or vertical.  It is
      not a very versatile piece of equipment though, and the spin
      indexer would be more versatile, I think, since it can also
      rotate to different positions.  If it will go both
      horizontal and vertical it will be very versatile and second
      only to an indexing head.

      > If they both will hold a 5C collet well, I'd opt for the Spin Indexer in
      > order to get CHEAP INDEXING in the bargain...

      I agree, you only need to decide on the best bang for the
      buck.  Either way, both tool holders will fulfill a need
      eventually.  Get the best one now, which will be the most
      versatile - probably the spin indexer if you can get
      together the $$ without hurting the budget too much.

      > I know I'm going round and round on this, and tomorrow's the day to
      > place my ENCO order.

      Better to not be in a hurry to spend good money.  I hope you
      have the Enco free shipping code for February - if not, wait
      until someone posts it.  I don't have it yet or I'd mention it.



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