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Re: [mill_drill] R8 shank collet holder

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  • William Abernathy
    ... Check your measurements against: http://shopswarf.orcon.net.nz/collet.html --W
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2005
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      Rupert Evans wrote:
      > I bought an R8 shank collet holder (can't remember where). It came
      > with several collets, which I thought were the ER type. However, when
      > I measured the taper, it was only 3 degrees. The collets are split
      > only from the working end, while ER collets are apparently split from
      > both ends.
      > The collet closer screws on to the collet holder. It has an
      > egg-shaped hole in it which may be designed to screw into a groove in
      > each collet which could be used to extract the collet. Presumably one
      > uses a piece of tubing to collapse the collet when removing the collet
      > closer.
      > What is the type of collet which I have? If I knew, I could search
      > for additional collets to fill out the set and find out what size of
      > tubing to use to collapse the collets.
      > Rupert

      Check your measurements against:

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