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Z axis power feed $60.00 .

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  • John Labutski
    Here is a repeat of a posting I placed on the Lathermaster Group. I had emails on some of the details. So here they are. Plus I have added some additional
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2004
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      Here is a repeat of a posting I placed on the Lathermaster Group. I
      had emails on some of the details. So here they are. Plus I have
      added some additional comments at the bottom.

      I finally got my cog belt and now my zay7045fg has power up head and
      power down head and variable speed boring. I used cog pulleys from
      Surplus Center part# 1-2211 ($8.95 for two pulleys and a cog belt).
      The belt was too long so I purchased one locally $32.00 I am using
      the 11-2449 dc controller from Surplus Center which was $29.95 and a
      1/8 HP 38 rpm Dc gearmotor for $69.95. 1/8 hp is the smallest power
      you should use in this application. I think that the head weighs well
      over two hundred pounds on the 7045. Also you have to consider the
      drag the gibs add. Total cost with screws and aluminum for a bracket
      was $143.00 I could have used the belt that came in the set, but a
      shorter one made bracket fab a lot easier but cost 32 bucks more.
      This allows me to move the spindle head up and down at about 8 inches
      per minute with the gibs pretty snug which I figure is fast enough
      for collet changes, putting in a boring head,drill chuck etc. I am
      not the man I used to be and turning that crank on the 7045 is just
      as much work as it was on the Bridgeport. Heck, ten tool changes and
      I was ready for a nap. I got this idea from the guy who used an ac
      gear motor for up and down. If you don't need bells and whistles look
      up his earlier posting. It sure saves a lot of work. His only cost
      about 70.00 as I recall. The reason I chose this way was so that I
      could take the old crank mount it next to the mill base. This would
      be able to simulate a Bridgeport knee by using a rotary encoder on a
      shaft attached to the old crank. I will then take the pulses off of
      the encoder and send them to the controller in the circuit just
      before the mosfets (just two wires, one for ground and one for the
      pulse). I also plan on adding a couple of micro switches for fixed
      stops and a couple of push button momentary switches that will allow
      me to jog up and down in roughly .001 increments. I have a bit of
      cleanup to do on the motor mounting bracket and add a cog belt guard
      as well as making a control box before I take pictures and put them
      in the photos section. I did find a source for Green Hamertone paint
      that I think will match the mill. I just got the spray cans and the
      powered head stuff will be my first test for color match.

      Other comments.
      The hardware store was closed yesterday so I could not get pop rivets
      to finish of my belt guard. This however gave me time to mess around
      in the garage. Here are my findings

      1) I made two more bushings to swap the different sized pulley set I
      mentioned above. This allowed me to use a $39.95 dc motor from
      Surplus center for up and down movement of the gearhead. Small pulley
      on the motor and big pulley on the original crank handle shaft. I
      found that the cheaper and higher rpm gear motor worked just fine
      with sufficient current available.

      2) The 29.95 dc motor controller I use has current limiting designed
      in so the speed of the 69.00 motor was some what slower when driven
      with it. So I took a rectifier ($4.99 from surplus center) and
      installed it instead of the variable speed control board. Just two
      wires for A.C. and two wires to the motor and a 2.99 reversing switch
      and a cheap a/c power on off switch from Surplus Center. Just
      mounting the motor higher will allow you to used the cog belt that
      comes with the pulleys. Two pulleys and the cog belt for $8.99 is
      super cheap.
      I think this very simple setup would be perfect for up down motion
      for most guys. Obviously the factory updown setup for lifting the
      head is nice. But for guys who already have their mill (for about
      $60.00 for all parts excluding the motor mounting plate material) you
      can have power up/down on your bench mill. My mill is a square column
      Lathemaster7045 and I have not reviewed installing this setup on a
      round column mill. I think it could be done easily on a round column
      as well. Pushing a button to go up or down beats the dickens out of
      cranking. If there is interest from other members in the group, I
      will post the Surplus Center partnumbers. BTW I also put in line a
      variable speed control left over from my wood working days.
      Suprisingly when hooked on the AC input line you could make this
      simple setup variable speed to some degree. No real good but
      variable. So everyone have fun with the 4th holiday, I sure have.
      Also I have to give credit on this stuff to an earlier posting that
      used an AC gear motor to do this. He started me thinking about it.
      However, the motor he used was no longer available from Surplus

      John Ocala Florida
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