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985Re: More Milling Vise Questions

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  • philteague@yahoo.com
    Nov 2, 2001
      You know that you can buy this 6 inch vise,
      from HF for $99.99 plus $5.00 shipping. It doesn't have a swivel base
      but some people don't like them anyway.

      --- In mill_drill@y..., tew138@e... wrote:
      > More questions on milling vises. For the same price as their
      > Kurt-style vise (item 1655731827), JTS sells on ebay a "CNC" milling
      > vise that (they say) can be mounted vertically (item 1655732152).
      > this a useful feature? Does anyone own one of these? How would you
      > mount it vertically to a table? Also it has become apparent that
      > shipping costs are a major factor in buying these vises. JTS is
      > quoting $60 for the Kurt-style and $50 for the "CNC" Do you guys
      > know
      > any good sources in So. CA?
      > Thanks,
      > Tom
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