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9830Re: Milling vise size for a RF-45 type machine?

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  • J.T.Toner
    Apr 1, 2004
      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, Tove <tove@i...> wrote:
      > "ilyashor" <shor@s...> wrote :
      > >
      > > What size milling vise would you use on a RF-45 dovetail column
      > > machine (Rong Fu RF-45, DM-45 from Penn Tool, Grizzly G0519,
      > > ZAY7045FG from Lathemaster, etc.)?
      > >
      > > Does the "bigger is better" rule work here, too?
      > > Any specific features/brands you would recommend or avoid?
      > >
      > > I am about to buy one of these machines and necessary accessories.
      > Depends what you want to hold in it. Seriously.

      I'm using a 6" Wilton with no problem. True, I loose a bit of "Y"
      travel but I found you can put small parts in a large vise, but its
      really tough to hold large parts in a small vise. I didn't get the
      rotating base and wish I had. If you can swing the $$, go for a Kurt.
      THe Chinese ones are not as accurate. I got lucky with my Taiwanese
      Wilton, but were I do do it over, I'd get the Kurt. Also you'll want
      a good set of parallels. I bought the 10 pair 1/4" set from Enco.
      Problem is they aren't parallel. Stick with B&S or equivalent. Be
      sure to get a clamping set.

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