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9824Re: Milling vise size for a RF-45 type machine?

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  • Sergey Kubushyn
    Apr 1 10:45 AM
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      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "ilyashor" <shor@s...> wrote:

      I use 6" vise purchased from pitstools (or something like that) off
      eBay for less than $100 (69? Don't remember exactly) Its Chinese boat
      anchor, more than a hundred pounds. It has a swivel base that can be
      removed although I didn't have such a need.

      The vise itself is surprisingly good. No problems at all getting work
      done with less than 1 thousands precision, easy to work with, good
      holding power. With jaws closed its very difficult to spot the line
      between the jaws, they look and feel like a single solide piece of steel.

      It overhangs a bit on DM-45, but this is not a problem. I would highly
      recommend that vise to everybody.

      N.B. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results, YMMV :)) I
      don't know if all those vise are that good or I just was lucky to get
      a good one...

      > Greetings the Enlightened ones,
      > What size milling vise would you use on a RF-45 dovetail column
      > machine (Rong Fu RF-45, DM-45 from Penn Tool, Grizzly G0519,
      > ZAY7045FG from Lathemaster, etc.)?
      > Does the "bigger is better" rule work here, too?
      > Any specific features/brands you would recommend or avoid?
      > I am about to buy one of these machines and necessary accessories.
      > Thanks in advance,
      > -Ilya.
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