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9064RE: [mill_drill] Bench Knee & Vertical Mills

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  • Mark Howard
    Feb 1, 2004
      I don't think you'll find that there is any difference in the milling/drilling emphasis between the knee type and the dovetail vertical mill. I chose to go the RF-45 route because of the better table travel (both X and Y). They are both very capable machines, but I prefer the geared head (as opposed to the belt drive) and the better table travel distances. I live in the UK and our suppliers are slightly different to your Grizzly et al but the RF-45 (or equivalent) with powered table and down feed is difficult to beat.
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      Subject: [mill_drill] Bench Knee & Vertical Mills

      I recently joined this group to learn more about the compact Chinese
      & Taiwanese mill/drills.  So far, it appears that most have a higher
      regard for the geared head dovetail mill drills due the higher
      precision inherent in the dovetail design.  Examples are the
      Wholesale Tool 3006-0080, Grizzly G0519, Rong Fu 45, Enco 325-5184
      and probably a few I've yet to discover.

      However, I am also looking at the Taig mini mill and while reading
      through some old messages I learned of bench knee & vertical mills. 
      Examples of these are the Grizzly G3102 & G3103 (w/power down feed),
      Penn Tool's Top Tech DM-150 and Wholesale Tools 3004-0095.  The
      individual that referred me to these machines currently owns a geared
      head dovetail mill/drill and was of the opinion that these bench knee
      & vertical mills were a better choice for a greater emphasis on
      milling and a lesser emphasis on drilling (Probably in view of the
      reduced spindle travel associated with the knee/vertical mill

      Can anyone offer insight regarding these bench knee or vertical
      mills?  Does anyone here own one of these or know someone that does? 
      I would like to contact owners of these type of machines so I can
      consider these in my current product research efforts.

      In addition to obtaining a good machine I want to make sure it's
      worthy of a cnc retrofit at a later date.  Some of this Chinese and
      Taiwanese iron is not good for this purpose!



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