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9058Re: [mill_drill] Re: Bench Knee & Vertical Mills

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  • Allen Sparks
    Feb 1, 2004
      Pro's and con's

      The Grizzly has better fit and finish in a 6x26 mill,
      and comes with power feed as compaired to the WT. I
      have inspected both mill's, and if buying one would go
      with the Grizzly. Not that much difference in price
      when a power feed is figured in with the WT mill.

      Both of the mills can easily have a 4"-5" riser added
      to get more "Z" space.

      Jim's 8x30 mill is made in Tiwan, and is very well
      finished. This mill can also have a riser easily
      added. WT has the best price on this one. The only
      draw back I can see is that power feeds would be hard
      to add to this machine.

      My .02 cents worth!


      --- jim davies <jwdavies@...> wrote:
      > I have what is basically the WT 3004-0090, but with
      > more
      > goodies. Went through the same thoughts before
      > buying.
      > The 90 mill is considerably bigger than the 95 and
      > I'm very
      > glad I went with it. About the only problem is that
      > the
      > cast iron seems a bit soft and the table scratches
      > easily.
      > > I was looking at the Grizzly bench vertical mill
      > too. However, I
      > > decided against it for sveral reasons.
      > >
      > > a.) The knee takes up a lot of space. The meax
      > distance from the
      > > spindle to the table is only 12", 6" less than
      > typical mill drills.
      > > b.) The table is small at roughly 6x26.
      > > c.) The price is a bit steep for something with
      > such little
      > > capacity.
      > >
      > > mills.
      > > > Examples of these are the Grizzly G3102 & G3103
      > (w/power down
      > > feed),
      > > > Penn Tool's Top Tech DM-150 and Wholesale Tools
      > 3004-0095.

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