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884Re: Coolant systems (was: Do Not Use Collets on End Mills?)

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  • jkmccoy@wcc.net
    Oct 2, 2001
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      --- In mill_drill@y..., "Bruce Simpson" <editor@a...> wrote:
      > On 28 Sep 01, at 22:27, john@s... wrote:
      > Is anyone using a flood coolant system on their RF30 machines?
      > If so, how are you handing the coolant collection and return to the
      > tank?
      > Do you collect the waste coolant from the table itself or do you
      > let it overflow and use a humungous pan underneath?

      I'm using flood coolant on my RF30 clone. The machine is sitting on a
      big bench (3x4 feet, lathe on the other end). The top of the bench
      has a 3/8" lip all the way around and the whole top of the bench is
      sealed. The coolant pump/tank sit under the bench and there is a
      drain in the middle of the benchtop. I drilled holes in the corners
      of the mill table to drain the coolant out. All the coolant just runs
      onto the benchtop and drains back into the tank.

      It really isn't as messy as it sounds. Most of the coolant is pretty
      well confined and there isn't a whole lot of splash. Very little
      splashes off of the benchtop. That is, very little splashes off using
      1/2" or smaller endmills. Using a 1 1/2" indexable mill at speeds to
      mill aluminum, everything gets wet.


      Kelly McCoy
      West Texas
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