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875Re: Coolant systems (was: Do Not Use Collets on End Mills?)

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  • john@sipinc.net
    Oct 1, 2001
      The dealer showed me a machine he had 'preped' in this way. The table
      was tapped and fitting installed to the return. The KURT style vises
      have coolant channels to return the coolant to the mounting bolt
      area, so things don't get too messy. You really have to need this
      though, because even with slow speeds, things still get quite splashy
      and generaly makes a nice mess in the long run.


      --- In mill_drill@y..., "Bruce Simpson" <editor@a...> wrote:
      > On 28 Sep 01, at 22:27, john@s... wrote:
      > >You could
      > > add a SUDS system (coolant) if you plan to really chew up a lot
      of hard
      > > stuff,
      > Is anyone using a flood coolant system on their RF30 machines?
      > If so, how are you handing the coolant collection and return to the
      > tank?
      > Do you collect the waste coolant from the table itself or do you
      > let it overflow and use a humungous pan underneath?
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