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8619Re: Quill drops when quill lock released

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  • nowdkyle
    Jan 1, 2004
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      My old Jet M/D has a spring to keep the spindle up. In fact, it
      pulls up if I release the fine feed. This is adjustable on mine.
      Check the manual to see if it is shown.

      Best regards,
      Dick K.

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "rlincolnh" <head@c...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > This problem, which I think is generic to most M/Ds, is getting
      > sufficiently annoying that I want to do something about it. We all
      > know the cause - the backlash between the rack and pinion being
      > opened up when the fine down-feed wheel is advanced while the
      > is locked in position - so _someone_ must have come up with a
      > solution. I vaguely remember a post sometime earlier this year
      > last year!) where someone made reference to doing something to
      > machine, with a side benefit being either a fix for this problem,
      > which would at least alleviate it.
      > I tried some searches of the archives without success.
      > Is that someone still a member of this group? Or does anyone else
      > have any good ideas?
      > As a matter of interest, why does this symptom not occur on other
      > machines, e.g. turret mills? Or does it?
      > Regards,
      > Roger
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