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  • Stan Stocker
    Jun 4, 2003
      Hi Jerry,

      Grizzly has B size Fenner powertwist belting, they sell it in 4 foot
      lengths. I bougth two lengths, and have a bit over a foot left over.
      Catalog is G8127, price is 19.95 per 4 foot length. It is sold as 5/8
      belting, not as B size.


      Jerry Stephenson wrote:
      > The mill drill requires B size belts (about 3/4"). Grizzley and
      > Harbor freight both carry A size (1/2") and 3/8" (I think it's called
      > 3L). The B size is harder to find but I did a google search and
      > found this source:
      > http://www.rockrubber.com/products/powertwist/
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