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  • Jerry Stephenson
    Jun 4, 2003
      The mill drill requires B size belts (about 3/4"). Grizzley and
      Harbor freight both carry A size (1/2") and 3/8" (I think it's called
      3L). The B size is harder to find but I did a google search and
      found this source:


      I think 72" is enough to do both belts but you should check first.
      Perhaps someone wants to buy a longer section and resell it to group
      members in appropriate lengths.

      I should mention the following two issues:

      1. The powertwist belt stands a little higher in the groove and on
      the largest diameter of one of the pulleys, it rubs the plastic belt
      gaurd. Unfortunately it is a common speed that I use a lot and I
      need to figure out a fix.

      2. The manufacturer recommends not running them backwards. I've
      been unable to find the basis for this and have run them backwards
      just fine. I've talked to several other who have done the same. My
      guess is that in reverse, the have less load carrying capabilities
      but since we aren't challenging these belts to carry anywhere near
      their capabilities, that should be fine. However, I make sure the
      belt guard is secure before running in reverse.


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      > Can you tell me where you got the link belts and what would I
      expect to pay please?
      > Howard Christian
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      > From: P. J. Hicks
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      > Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 10:25 AM
      > Subject: Re: [mill_drill]R3
      > I have a similar machine and a similar sized lathe. Converting
      the lathe to
      > link belting was a no brainer since to put belts on it requires
      removal of
      > the spindle. The increase in performance was so dramatic that I
      > put them on the mill. Much less vibration, less noise, etc.
      Since the belts
      > should last for many years the extra cost is worth it. Only
      complaint I have
      > is that the lengths sold are either way too long or to short so
      had to buy 2
      > pkg and have a usless length left over AND my machines take 2
      > sizes.
      > PJH
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