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5998" Rotary Table / KITTS INDUSTRIAL TOOLS???

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  • Paul R. Hvidston
    Jul 1, 2001
      Need opinions. I keep seeing an 8" Rotary Table from KITTS INDUSTRIAL TOOLS
      for $169.00+$3.00 S/H in Home Shop Machinist magazine. I've got a small
      dividing head that I'm fixing, but a large rotary table would be useful. I
      can imagine that for <$200 (probably from China or India) one cannot expect
      much, but any words of wisdom would be helpful, on the quality of the rotary
      table in question, the suitability of an 8" RT for an RF-31 and in dealing
      with Kitts Industrial Tools.


      Paul R. Hvidston, N6MGN
      ACKSYS Engineering
      Upland, CA
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