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  • accuratemike
    Aug 27, 2014
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      Bob, you could also have a look at your oil. If it looks like "gear lube" (90 weight, or the like), try replacing it with an ISO 68 like Mobil's DTE. I have a Rong Fu JFC45N2F. When I first got it, I flushed out the installed oil with a few changes of diesel (running it for a bit to swish it around between changes) and re-filled it with the Mobil. It has been working fine for many years now. Too heavy of an oil creates undue drag in the gearbox, especially cold. A few posts ago, someone mentioned foaming with ISO 68, I have never had that problem. Maybe the flushing cleared out the old oil that may not mix properly with the Mobil. The oil debate has been going around on the list for years. Judge for yourself, I'm personally convinced that automotive type gear oil is not the hot lick (90, 85/140, 80/90 and the like). The Mobil is clear and much lighter. ISO 68 is recommended in my manual. My turbine engine uses a similar oil in it's gearbox. Good luck, Mike
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