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36160Re: [MILL_DRILL] Tension spring idea

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  • Scott Dunt
    Aug 25, 2014
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      Or, for example on the riding mower I use, there is a solid rubber bushing that they use to tension the belt instead of a spring. 

      So things like 'rubber' hose, gas line or Car heater hose type, can be compressed on the side or from the ends to make usable 'springs'
      Scott Dunt
      On 08/22/2014 07:47 PM, Jerry Durand jdurand@... [MILL_DRILL] wrote:

      I was doing some initial planning for a small pinch-roller I need to
      make. I need a short travel spring to keep the tension more or less
      constant with small imperfections in the material going through.

      I have some springs that should work fine, then it occurred to me. A
      low cost small version of a Belleville washer could be made with a flat
      washer and an o-ring slipped over the shoulder screw, which will be
      either a #4 or 3mm.

      Not sure if I'll use that or the standard coil spring, but will have to
      file that idea for possible later use.

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