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3615Re: Square Column Mill/Drills (was Fray All Angle Mill Drill)

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  • sreeb
    Oct 1, 2002
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      They did make a change but I am not sure it is for the better.
      The rotating table would appear to steal some of the max spindle
      to table distance (1" by the specs). It also reduces ridgity and
      provides an extra opportunity for an alignment error. I'm not
      sure when I would want to use this feature unless the factory
      can't reliably build the table so the x and y axis are
      perpendicular. But if this is the case, I would look for a
      different factory.

      From the part numbers (wttool Model ZAY 7045M, lathemaster model:
      ZAY7045FG) it appears that these have the same manufacturer (
      Tong Yong Machine Works per lathemaster). Has anyone here had a
      change to evaluate one of these machines from a quality rather
      than feature perspective?


      --- In mill_drill@y..., "m_vanmeter" <vanmeter@a...> wrote:
      > use the search function on Wholesale Tool's site
      (www.wttool.com) to
      > look for 3006-0085
      > that is their new full sized mill/drill with rectangular column
      > rotating table (+/- 40 degrees). I just saw it listed in their
      > latest sale flyer - don't know much about it beyond that. At
      > someone has finally made some changes to the basic RF model
      > mill/drills which have been around forever.
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