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36145Re: [MILL_DRILL] OffTopic: Mini coax - RG174 + SSMB connectors

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  • Curt Wuollet
    Aug 16, 2014
      Conductivity isn't the whole picture. When you flux, heat, and solder the joint is clean and the solder actually alloys with the base metals. With the conductive (silver filled) epoxies you are binding one of the most reactive metals with no cleaning to break up intermetallics, to a dissimilar metal in the presence of strong amines, gases, and likely some water.  I've never seen a properly made solder joint peel or shear below the yield point of the solder or rectify due to oxidation. And a bad solder joint looks like a bad solder joint.  I've seen the epoxies simply not stick (no mandate to find out why) or worse fall off at some later time.  They are way cool when they work though, and solve some difficult problems like connecting to thin films or fragile of meltable substrates.

      Or maybe I'm just old school :^)



      On 08/16/2014 12:10 PM, Jerry Durand jdurand@... [MILL_DRILL] wrote:

      Agree on them coming apart, not sure why you don't like the glue.  The silver filled stuff is at least as conductive as lead-based solder.

      On 08/16/2014 10:06 AM, Curt Wuollet wideopen1@... [MILL_DRILL] wrote:

      Without seeing the connector, it's kinda hard to visualize. On other solder coax connectors,
      the pin pushes out so you can solder it and then install it. Or the connector comes apart enough
      so that it's reasonable to do. I would check any assembly drawings you can find. The big elex outfits
      like newark, digikey, etc. usually provide web access to the drawings. I'm sure there's a relatively easy
      way because assembly time costs money. And no, the glue won't fly.



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