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36139New to me Mill-Drill KING PDM-30 (RF-31 clone)

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  • backyard_cnc
    Aug 12, 2014

    I recently got a cheap cheap deal on a round column mill-drill and just couldn't pass it up. So I have fixed up most of its issues to turn it into an operational tool and have set about making it better. I recently made a wrench to fit the spline on the spindle to make loosening the drawbar for tool changes easier and I am anxiously awaiting my 3 axis DRO to be delivered from China Inc. which should make it easier to ignore the backlash in the screws and also actually know where the Z axis is. I posted a few pics in the phots area under the folder name backyard_cnc and I also posted a short video on youtube on the wrench project.


    Will post more pics once the DRO shows up and I get the install done