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36138Re: [MILL_DRILL] New RF-45

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  • Carl Hollopeter
    Aug 11, 2014
      First off, Congrats, you are in a different league now.
         Did you get a Manual? It should have all the lube requirements. If You didn’t get one here are a few
      excerpts. I normally use way oil on the ways, 30 W will also work, way oil just stays in place longer.
      (1) Your machine has been coated with a heavy grease to protect it in shipping. This coating should
      be completely removed before operating the machine. Commercial degreaser, kerosene or
      similar solvent may be used to remove the grease from the machine, but avoid getting solvent
      on belts or other rubber parts.
      (2) After cleaning, coat all possible rusted surface with a light lubricant. Lubricate all points with a
      medium consistency machine oil.
      AII ball bearings in your mill/drill are sealed for life, requiring no lubrication. Points requiring
      lubrication are:
      (1) Internal spline drive assembly. Keep this area well lubricated with a good grade non-hardening
      grease, such as Fiske Company "Lubriplate". insert grease in the hole at the top of spindle
      pulley spline driver. Lube twice yearly.
      (2) A light film of oil applied to the quill and column will reduce wear, prevent rust, and assure
      ease of operation.
      (3) Quill return spring should receive oil (SAE 20) once yearly. Remove cover plate and apply oil
      with squirt can or small brush.
      (4) IMPORTANT: The gear box should be oiled with a lubricant such as SAE 68 oil in level.
      (5) Apply Lubriplate To quill pinion every 90 days.
      NOTE. Use extreme care when performing this operation and keep hands clear of pinch points.
      When using paraffin bar, do this only by turning the sheaves by turning the sheaves by hand.
      Do not apply with motor running.
      Good Luck
         Carl H
      Sent: Monday, August 11, 2014 5:11 PM
      Subject: [MILL_DRILL] New RF-45

      I just bought a new RF-45 from Enco and now I need to get it set up. My experience is all with my little Harbour Freight mini mill. I am trying to understand what grease to use on the machine and how to lubricate it before I turn it on.


      Anyone with any advice?


      Steve Hughes

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