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36129Re: [MILL_DRILL] how is that done question [1 Attachment] ALSO a couple noted on replica firearms.

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  • Stan Stocker
    Jul 24, 2014
      On 07/24/2014 08:19 PM, 'Terry Coombs' snagone@... [MILL_DRILL]
      > I'm not sure who manufactured mine , but it came as a kit - sand cast
      > exterior , unfinished wood parts , completely disassembled - all machine
      > work was done and the barrel was in the frame though . After I bought my .36
      > kit , Dad liked it so much he got the .44 kit <I have that one too now> .
      > We chose different finishes , he went with blue and I had a friend who
      > worked at Browning Arms' plant in SLC . Mine's brown , along with the ML
      > rifle <CVA , also from a kit> .
      > I also had a problem with my hammer mushrooming , but it was from dry
      > firing w/out a cap . Learned real quick not to do that . Did you also
      > re-heat-treat the sear area when you case hardened your hammer face ?
      > Snag

      Hi Snag,

      It's been quite a few years since I did this, and I don't specifically
      recall. It seems unlikely I would have left any of the acting surfaces
      in a soft condition though. Harden and stone would be more likely than
      leaving as is.

      Take care,
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