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36128Re: [MILL_DRILL] how is that done question [1 Attachment] ALSO a couple noted on replica firearms.

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  • Terry Coombs
    Jul 24, 2014
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      Stan Stocker skstocker@... [MILL_DRILL] wrote:

      > A handy hint for folks with the Pietta (Pity?) replica. My hammer was
      > not hardened and the striking face mushroomed after a year or so of
      > re-enacting. Forged down the sides to shove the metal back where it
      > belonged, cleaned up, and case hardened with Kasenite. No more
      > mushrooming hammer faces. Sad little models really, their Navy is a
      > disaster, had to mill 40 thou off a friends frame to close up the
      > headspace enough to fire reliably.
      > Another weird thing about at least my particular weapon - You can't
      > reblue these things. I don't know what steel they use or how they do
      > it at the factory. When my son tried to blue mine, the finish came
      > out looking like a low luster black parkerize job even though he'd
      > polished and prepped to the same level as for a normal to better than
      > average bluing job. The came bluing setup produced excellent work
      > before and after, so it was something specific to this individual
      > piece.
      > Best to all,
      > Stan Stocker

      I'm not sure who manufactured mine , but it came as a kit - sand cast
      exterior , unfinished wood parts , completely disassembled - all machine
      work was done and the barrel was in the frame though . After I bought my .36
      kit , Dad liked it so much he got the .44 kit <I have that one too now> .
      We chose different finishes , he went with blue and I had a friend who
      worked at Browning Arms' plant in SLC . Mine's brown , along with the ML
      rifle <CVA , also from a kit> .
      I also had a problem with my hammer mushrooming , but it was from dry
      firing w/out a cap . Learned real quick not to do that . Did you also
      re-heat-treat the sear area when you case hardened your hammer face ?

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