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36125Re: [MILL_DRILL] how is that done question [1 Attachment] ALSO a couple noted on replica firearms.

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  • Stan Stocker
    Jul 24, 2014
      Hi Folks,

      Two ways come to mind:

      1) If the frames are cast the openings are cored, then finished with
      scraper and chisel work.

      2) If they are forged, the openings are punched hot (and maybe used as
      the handle to put the work in the press) then the hammer comes down.

      A handy hint for folks with the Pietta (Pity?) replica. My hammer was
      not hardened and the striking face mushroomed after a year or so of
      re-enacting. Forged down the sides to shove the metal back where it
      belonged, cleaned up, and case hardened with Kasenite. No more
      mushrooming hammer faces. Sad little models really, their Navy is a
      disaster, had to mill 40 thou off a friends frame to close up the
      headspace enough to fire reliably.

      Another weird thing about at least my particular weapon - You can't
      reblue these things. I don't know what steel they use or how they do it
      at the factory. When my son tried to blue mine, the finish came out
      looking like a low luster black parkerize job even though he'd polished
      and prepped to the same level as for a normal to better than average
      bluing job. The came bluing setup produced excellent work before and
      after, so it was something specific to this individual piece.

      Best to all,
      Stan Stocker
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