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  • Jerry Durand
    Mar 31, 2014
      Years ago I designed some medical equipment and since it was patient connected gear there's a lot of liability riding on it.  To prevent tampering we used tamper resistant screws on the case and made sure there was no way to modify the software without opening the case (there was a spare IDE connector just inside).

      After a short time selling these, the head sales guy said those screws were a real problem as it was costing him a lot of money to buy the screwdrivers for every doctor he sold one of these to.  Yes, he was having the doctors install software updates themselves!  And then we found some were reconfiguring the boards!! 

      Are you SURE you can't shoot salesmen?

      On 03/31/2014 06:43 AM, tooldoc@... wrote:
      shhhesh, I have enuf trouble finding the right allen wrench. . . between metric and sae, I think the orient has their own sizes besides. . . what is this world coming to I wonder ? ? ?

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