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35624Re: [MILL_DRILL] RF-30 drawbolt wrench

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  • jdkmlw
    Mar 26, 2014
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      The only other thing I can suggest trying is doing the same thing you just did but do a .100" cut, if that works then try a .110"

      It might not sound like much but you might be right at the limit of your machine, and that little bit less might be the sweet spot.

      Or it could be as simple as your end mill might be just dull enough to let it grab just enough to pull it out a little.

      And adding a washer under the hex bar head like Stan mentioned is worth a try as well, it will only take a few minutes and you'll know if it made a difference right away.

      This is one of those things that your going to have to try different things one at a time, if one doesn't work go back to the start and try the next thing, take them one at a time and hope you figure out what is causing the problem.

      I hope you can get it figured out, because it sounds like your just one step away from getting the most out of your machine.

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