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35622Re: RF-30 drawbolt wrench

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  • largrin
    Mar 26, 2014
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      Good decision Vern.

      This is what I have personally experienced in my years.
       None of this applies to roughing end mills or fly cutters. End mill holders are only
      good for work where precision is not a factor.
      I have the full set of R8 end mill holders. I only use them for holding big
      end mills, 1" and larger. For everything else, I just use collets.
      I never have an end mill slip because I have little need to take heavy or
      high feed rate cuts. Precision is more important to me than speed.
      Besides, I can't afford to destroy end mills all the time.
      I do have a spindle wrench, and I use it for end mills over 1/2". For the smaller
      ones, I do the hand bump on the wrench like everyone else does.
      One factor to consider is holding exact sizes. If you take a brand new, .250" end
      mill, put it into a collet and mill a slot, the slot will be very close to being .250",
      perhaps .001" oversize.
      If you take the same end mill. and put it in an end mill holder, the slot will almost
      invariably be oversize by a few thou. This is because the set screw forces the
      end mill to the side, plus the added length of the end mill holder sticking out of
      the spindle allows it to possibly exaggerate run out.
      Just my 2ยข on the subject.
      Larry in WV
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