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35493Re: [MILL_DRILL] Acetal pressure rating

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  • November X-Ray
    Feb 26, 2014
      One might be able to figure it if there are some known values. Whats the operating temperature, whats the outside diameter of the fitting, whats the medium (oil, water, air. etc.) and what the max pressure anticipated and what flow do you need to maintain? Then you can figure the tensile strength (PSI) of the acetyl and use a reverse Barlow formula of sorts determine what wall thickness one would need to work within the parameters and a given safety factor. Just a thought.

      On Wednesday, February 26, 2014 11:33 AM, Bill <bill_1955@...> wrote:
      I looked in my stuff…..Nothing on acetal tube pressure rating. I have used acetal fittings, adapters and valves, but I imagine acetal tubing is not popular simply for the cost.
      It has a higher tensile strength than PVC, so I would think that any pressure that PVC pipe or tube can take, acetal would be stronger with the same dims.
      When in doubt….call a plastics place that handles the specific Acetron you have and ask.
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      Anyone have pressure ratings for tube turned from acetal (Acetron brand)
      rod? I know there are plumbing fittings made of it, so I don't think I
      need super thick walls, but I do need to know what to use.

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