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  • largrin
    Feb 24, 2014
      It seems to be very well built. I don't have a surface grinder either. I have been using
      my home built Phoenix horizontal milling machine for some makeshift tool grinding.
      Not exactly a surface grinder, but it gets the job done.
      I have not used my Uni-Grind yet. The one I have is well used, and I have to do some 
      repair to it before I can use it.
      When sharpening an end mill, there is a collar that points vertical. There is a series
      of detent pips in the collar to set the position of the end mill. On  mine, the detent pin
      hole is worn, which allows the end mill to wiggle a bit. Not good. Downright bad, in fact.
      When I get a few of my current jobs done in my shop, I will make a new detent device.
      The one I make will not be spring loaded like the original. Mine will be threaded so it
      will have better control over the tightness factor.
      As for good value, it depends on how many end mills you need to sharpen. End mills
      don't cost too much, whereas these units can be pricey. Mine was free, so I don't have
      the economics to compare.
      Just my 2 cents.


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