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35474Re: [MILL_DRILL] Uni-Grind

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  • Starlight Tool Services Ltd
    Feb 22, 2014
      There is a yahoo group for just about every subject going, and 3 for groups like the quorn.  Back in the old yahoo, when storage for files was low, it was common practice to add another group for extra file storage.
      The quorn yahoo group is For those interested in building, owning, or operating a Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder. An exchange of information site to benefit all who subscribe.

      In this case the uni-grind manual was stored in the quorn 3 group as that is the one for none quorn grinding discussions.
      Quorn3_other-subscribe@yahoogroups.com    The group for non quorn discussions and files
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      quorn group? Let me in on  your secret group.

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