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35459RE: X axis Backlash

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  • ndhr23a
    Feb 20, 2014
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      My HF33686 had 0.030"-0.040" backlash when I first got it but I was able to adjust it to almost zero backlash and climb milling is no problem. My biggest source of backlash was from the lead screw not being in tension. When I turned the knob a noticeable gap was visible between the bearing block and graduated collar. I fixed this by cutting a couple of shims from aluminum cans to place between the bearing block and the table so that when I replaced the tapered pin, the lead-screw was placed under a little tension.  This removed most of the backlash and adjusting the split lead-screw nut to give slight resistance removed the rest of the backlash. I used an hex allen socket on an extension to do this nut adjustment.
       In addition to removing all the backlash from the leadscrew you also need to adjust the gibs to the point that slight resistance to movement is noticed for successful climb milling. Also, don't forget to lock the y-axis movement when climb milling.

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