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35324Re: how to drill deep holes

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  • Earle Rich
    Feb 2, 2014
      An interesting job I had once was to design and make a current sensor for a gun drilling machine. The application was to drill 3/4" holes end to end in a solid nickel sheet, 12 feet long, 4 feet wide and one inch thick. After the 3/4" inch holes, about 1.25 inches apart were drilled, the process was repeated with 1/4" holes in the remaining spaces.
      The end use was for a heat exchanger in a nuclear power plant. The position of the drill was sensed (somehow) and the direction was controlled by angling the drill.  The control I made shut the machine down if either the oil pump pressure or the 25 HP drill motor exceeded normal current.
      I never saw it working, but I really wanted to.
      New England has lots of small shops that do some really exotic work like this. Any industrial park has these garage like shops lined up where everyone knows each other and exchange skills and machines to overall benefit of the community.
      http://www.gnhw.org/ Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
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