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35302Re: [MILL_DRILL] Fixed an annoyance

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  • CS Mo
    Feb 1, 2014
      Actually, I think the result would be a slightly oversized hole, but still straight. Also, I suspect that the 'flex' will compensate for very small misalignment/angle (maybe 1-2 thou, or less), so I don't even know how you'd measure it. However, I'm not a reamer designer, nor do I play one on TV. :D

      That said, I've used regular length reamers and cut-down-to-reasonable-length ones and the holes have been just as straight/concentric/correct diameter, within my ability to measure them. (Someday I'll have a CMM that can measure in microns, but until then...)


      >If it self-centers like this, wouldn't the reamed hole be at a slight angle?
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      >As I was told my my teacher, it is so that they will self-center to some
      >degree. How well that actually works, I have no idea!
      >>Can someone explain to me why reamers always have such long shanks?
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