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35301RE: [MILL_DRILL] Fixed an annoyance

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  • Rick Sparber
    Feb 1, 2014
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      It would be really tricky to drill holes that deep. The “self centering” theory sounds more reasonable but certainly has its limitations too.




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      So you can ream long holes?



      On 02/01/2014 01:46 PM, Rick Sparber wrote:


      Can someone explain to me why reamers always have such long shanks?




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      Being retired and weather bound to the house, I spend a lot of time in my shop during

      the winter. It is times like this when I notice the little things that bug me.


      For the last couple months I got tired of trying to set up my round column mill to be at the right height to match the tooling to the job.

      In my narrow scope of work, I have never needed a real long reamer.

      So, I cut the length of the shafts on all my ± .001" fixed size reamers to match the length of the pilot drill required.

      Since I like to keep these in the factory pouch, I cut up a  wood dowel to make plugs

      to keep the reamers from sliding so far into the pockets that I can't grab them.

      I have several reamers over 1/2" in size. I have already cut some of them to the length

      of my Silver & Demming drill bits.


      I should have done this years ago. I cannot overstate how convenient it has been.


      JMO, YMMV.

      Larry in WV

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