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34565Re: [mill_drill] RE: RE: Jet-16 Odd Size Column Bolts

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  • Arthur Marks
    Nov 7, 2013
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      A few thoughts:
      * 1/2"-12 is typically a Whitworth size/pitch combination.  For example, see here:  http://tinyurl.com/mt8b96f  The abbreviation is BSW for coarse and BSF for fine series threads.
      * The Whitworth thread form differs from ISO in that the former is 55-degreee and the latter is 60-degree.  There are also other minor differences of less importance.
      * Given the above, it is not uncommon to see bastard combinations in some Asian equipment.  By this, I mean an ISO thread form (60-deg.) using a Whitworth pitch combination.
      * So, in conclusion, a commercial replacement may be easy to find if Whitworth or impossible if a bastard.  That is what a lathe is for  :D

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