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34550Jet-16 Odd Size Column Bolts

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  • Dustin Keys
    Nov 6, 2013
      In an effort to stiffen my Jet-16's column I decided to replace the
      bolts mounting the column to the base. The problem is, I can't seem to
      find any bolts the same size. As far as I can tell they are 1/2"-12,
      not 1/2-13. Whats even more strange is the bolt's head takes a 10mm
      allen key. I've found other strange bolts on this machine as well.
      Anyone else had luck replacing the column mounting bolts?

      As far as I can tell with a dial test indicator, there is very little
      flex in the column itself. The flex seems to originate at the piece
      mounting the column to the base. I'd be interested in peoples insight
      as to where the flex may be and how to fix it. I'm thinking about
      making some sort of brace to tie the base and column together better.

      Dustin Keys
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