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34461RE: [mill_drill] RE: new article available: Avoiding Mill Head Repositioning

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  • Craig E. Johnston
    Nov 1, 2013

      CS MO:

      I originally bought one of those adaptors you link to, to use on my lathe.  I also was able to find a 1 ¾ x8 cast iron face plate to modify for mounting, but with my novice machining skills the face plate didn’t turn out true.  That is why I made my own ER40 collet chuck to fit the unusual spindle threads.  (By the time I made it, my skills had improved sufficiently to turn a workable chuck that I am proud of.)  Its virtue is that it has a through hole just bigger than 1”, the max size of the largest ER40 collet.  But I also bought an ER40 collet chuck with an MT4 tang (<$50 imported).  It is equally precise, available off the shelf, but doesn’t have the through hole.  I only had to make a draw bar to use it.


      But the face-plate adaptor is not going to waste – when I get a chance to put some shop time in I will turn an adaptor to center it on my 8” rotary table for the mill.  So now I have 4 different types of ER40 chucks: R8 for the mill, the face plate chuck for the rotary table, MT4 and spindle threaded for the G0602 lathe.  And only one set of collets…but hey, I only use one tool at a time!




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      I have a Bison ER40 set.. I don't use it much since I moved to the Comet, but on my RF40, I found that the ER40 with end mills and a drill chuck with screw machine drills pretty much resolved all of my head repositioning requirements. Basically, the ER40 has about the same stack height as a drill chuck and the screw machine drills are similar in length to the end mills I'd use, so tool-height remained similar regardless of tool.

      If I had one of these:


      I'd use it on the lathe over 5C collets. Hmm. For $56 why don't I have one of those???

      I also use quite a few ER11 and ER16 collet chucks with 1/2" shanks - I find that with smaller end mills (1/16"-1/4") they help with tool lengths.


      >Thanks! I plan to buy the set.
      >> On Nov 1, 2013, at 12:07 AM, "Craig E. Johnston" <k7cej@...> wrote:
      >> Rick:
      >> I bought a set of ER40 collets and an R8 adaptor from tools4cheap.net
      >for $150. They are beautifully finished, have a runout of <<.001 (on
      >the same order as the spindle runout on my lathe and better than my
      >mill) and I use them all of the time. I made a 1 ? x 8 chuck for the
      >lathe (with a 1" thru hole and have a face-plate type chuck that I am
      >adapting to my rotary table. These are indispensable tools for me and I
      >have absolutely no regrets. (Photos of the lathe spindle chuck can be
      >found on the 10x22 group here.) I don't own any R-8 collets, although I
      >do occasionally use R-8 mill holders. Mostly, though, I use the er-40
      >collets. They have never slipped on me.
      >> Craig

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