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34448RE: New mini mill

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  • jdkmlw
    Oct 31, 2013
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      I agree about looking on YouTube for Tubalcain's videos, he goes by MrPete222 I believe. I'm sure all of his machines are full sized but he gives great advise anyone can use.


      The only advice I can give. When you first set it up just start it (per the manual) and make sure it works, and before trying to cut anything, work all the controls with it turned off and make everything move so you understand them.

      Once you feel comfortable enough try your first cuts on something like plastic or even wood, this will help you understand it more with less risk of damaging anything.


      For tooling watch ebay too, sometimes there's some good deals on there for new stuff that people get from estate sales and have no use for, I got a set of about 30 end mills for about $40 shipped and most of them were still new.

      Enco has a bargain or close out area, sometime they have really good deals, but they sell out fast.


      So take your time, and don't be afraid to ask questions

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      My new Grizzly mini mill arrives This next Monday. Can't wait to get it unpacked!! Then what, I have absolutely zero experience in milling anything! Where do I turn next?


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