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34438Re: [mill_drill] RE: new article available: Avoiding Mill Head Repositioning

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  • rick.redfield
    Oct 31, 2013
      My interest in the coaxial indicator was only enhanced by the addition of a DRO. It is so slick and fast for centering anything round. Once done the DRO is zeroed and off we go (literally and figuratively).

      You'll have to pry my cold dead fingers off of my coaxial indicator to get it away from me (or bribe me with an even cooler tool or a whole heck of a lot of fine microbrewery beer).

      Another height compensation idea is to possibly use R-8 collets to drill and switch to end mill holders to mill (they protrude more). That would solve the constant debate about which is better for milling, collets or holders!

      My ER-40 set is a "can't live without it" item as well. I have collet chucks to fit just about every tapered orifice in my shop. Head stocks, tail stocks, drill press spindles, rotary tables, dividing heads, etc. etc. etc.

      I raved so much about them my friends all told me to get a grip...

      Rick R (R comes before S... LOL)

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      I lost interest in the coaxial indicator when I got my DRO.


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      You can make one for yourself. The mechanism is not difficult, well within the capabilities of most. You can use a DTI or as I am doing the mechanism from an old pressure gauge. You don't need accuracy, just repeatability. The design for one was in August / September MEW 2006, available if required or, alternatively, look up the patent as I did.


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