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33822Re: [mill_drill] Miller Big 40 Welder Help Needed

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  • Pete Mclaughlin
    Jul 23, 2013
      Hi David

      This link is to a PDF for the big 40. In it you will find an image of the front panel with labels.


      On Jul 23, 2013, at 1:49 PM, "davidhallsten" <tooldoc@...> wrote:


      can I ask for help in case anyone here has one of these welders ? if not, i'll remove it:
      I'm going to post this query on a few forums in hopes of getting some info from someone. I have a Miller Big 40 Welder. It has a 4 cylinder Continental engine and all of the decals for the front panel / control panel are missing, probably due to its age.
      I have contacted Miller Customer Service for ANYTHING they could point me to for decals or anything to help me out. They have given me part numbers to order, one is a "decal kit" for about $50 and another is a new "front panel" for about $150. Neither part is returnable. . . special order only,
      I tried the first option, decal kit, and it's nothing but the safety decals that are on the back of the machine. $50 shot, I asked the customer service person if this had all the control decals and she said "it's a decal kit for the model number and serial number" I gave her, period. She was really not at all helpful, not knowing what she was talking about. I tried to contact her again a few times and emailed her and got no response.
      My question to you folks that are reading this, do you or anyone you know have one of these welders that have the control decals or have a picture or would take a picture and email it to me? I would be soooo in debt for the information. . .
      Thanks many times in advance, I'll be hoping. .. . . . .. …

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