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33740RE: [mill_drill] Re: Grizzly G1006 Reversing drum switch

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  • Rick Sparber
    Jul 5, 2013

      I should add that my VFD system is powered from single phase 220V and feeds a 3 phase 220V motor that is specifically designed for VFD. I bought the VFD and motor as a matched set from the vendor. When I want very slow or very fast spindle speeds, I still must shift belts. But that is very rare.




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      Hi All,


      Just a small point to add to the dicussion.


      I have and love the VFDs - they work great.  Not all VFDs will work well with 1-phase input, some have to be derated.  Also for small motors, there are VFDs that will work on 120VAC 1-phase and output 220VAC 3-phase. 


      If you have a situation where you need to push the motor a bit, the usual approach is to use a larger VFD, e.g., use a 1.5 or 2.0HP VFD for a 1.0 HP motor.  The reason for this is that while most VFDs have overload capability, the % overload and duration may be too little for the application.  Of course, this may not apply to our needs.


      My mill/drill runs on 220VAC 1-phase with a VFD.  One of my lathes has a VFD with 120VAC input and soon, I'll hook-up a 120VAC VFD to my other lathe.


      Be well,



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      There are some solid benefits from this change.

      Using a Variable Frequency Drive, the input to the VFD can be household 220 single phase, and the VFD gives 3 phase power to the motor.  I did this to my South Bend lathe, and can easily control the speed with a knob.  I run the middle belt position, and rarely need to move it.  It works great if you have a long facing cut, you can start outside diameter slower, and use the dial to the RPM up as the tool feeds toward the center of the face off cut.  Another great benefit is the VFD can provide braking to the chuck.  The chuck on my old South Bend stops in a few seconds, which saves work time.

      Phil R



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      I like to ask you for what reson are you converting to 3 phase?  Must have missed your previos threads. I seams single phase would be the way to go for a home shop. All of my machinines are single 110v and 220v that includes a 16"

      south bend lathe



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      Subject: [mill_drill] Re: Grizzly G1006 Reversing drum switch


      Thanks for the help Corey. I added a switch to one of the 240 hot wires and ran the other through the drum switch. now I have forward and reverse. I do plan on switching to a 3 phase motor and converter sometime in the future when I get the extra cash. Thanks again, Brian

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