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33495Re: [mill_drill] Re: Spectacular motor failure

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  • svsequoia_pdx
    Jun 20, 2013
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      I am out of town right now but will pull the toasted motor as soon as I get back into the shop, and check the flange and shaft dimensions.  Some of the posts on this subject from 2009 seem to be referring to belt drive units that have a smaller than normal (24mm) shaft.  My mill has a 6 speed geared head.  The truth is out their...and I will find it as soon as I can.


      On 2013-06-19 14:36, Druid Noibn wrote:



      Check the shaft size it might not be standard for the sized motor.

      Be well,

      --- On Wed, 6/19/13, k7cej@... wrote:

      > From: k7cej@...
      > Subject: Re: [mill_drill] Re: Spectacular motor failure
      > To: mill_drill@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 1:40 PM
      > Glenn:
      > Thanks for the very kind offer.  Fortunately, the
      > vendor, AR Tools of Spokane, WA, has agreed to buy a new
      > Leeson 3 Phase as a replacement. (I will add the VFD.)
      > I am interested in the adaption process you
      > describe.  What size were the old and new motors you
      > used?  My blown-up motor is a 2 HP 90 series metric
      > motor (YL90L-4 if I remember correctly) flange mount. 
      > The Leeson I am considering is also a 2 HP, 90 series metric
      > motor with a B5 flange mount  (and also B3 feet). 
      > I haven't pulled the old motor yet but I am expecting
      > the shafts to be the same.  Am I going to be
      > disappointed?
      > Craig
      > On 2013-06-17 02:09, Glenn wrote:
      > Craig -
      > I have an Enco version of your mill
      > and replaced the stock motor with a 3 phase Leeson that I
      > found cheap. Must have been an insurance deal as the box had
      > water damage, but the motor was untouched. Had to make an
      > adapter plate and turn down the shaft to get it to fit.
      > Added a VFD and am very pleased with the combo.
      > Anyway, I have the original motor taking up space in my very
      > overcrowded garage and would be happy send it your way for
      > the cost of shipping. Hopefully your dealer will honor the
      > warranty and this won't be necessary. Let us know what
      > happens.
      > Glenn


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