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33456Re: Spectacular motor failure

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  • svsequoia_pdx
    Jun 16, 2013

      The motor is flange mounted. In metric sizing, it is a 90 series motor
      with a B5 flange (although it also has the B3 feet). Metric motors have
      different size shafts and footprints than US motor sizes.

      The mill is branded Sabre ZX45L and was imported by AR Tools in Spokane,
      WA. It being the weekend, I am waiting to hear back from them on their

      If I have to fork out for a replacement, I will probably go with the
      Leeson 3 ph and add a VFD. I suspect that will be more reliable in the
      long term.

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, Frank Spillman wrote:
      > I am no kind of motor expert, but I just googled the specs you listed
      and came up with a few different options. Do you know if it is a C face
      motor? Is that the same as flange mounted?
      > Which company imported your RF-45? It seems to me that the motor must
      be one of the options they allow the importer/brander to spec out,
      because just about every different company I have looked at has a
      slightly different motor on their version. Mine is from Bolton Hardware
      (who have always given me great customer service, by the way). When I
      get back to mine I will take a look at the motor and see if it sheds any
      light for me.
      > Good luck!
      > Frank Spillman
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