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33444Re: [mill_drill] Spectacular motor failure

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  • Druid Noibn
    Jun 15, 2013
      Hi Craig,

      Sorry to hear about the exploding cap.

      Leeson does make a metric motor - check both the mounting and shaft diameter - sometimes they do not match-up.

      Yes, I did replace my 1ph system with a US 3ph 56C mount motor - heads up - I made an adapter flange, spacers and a adapter/extension to connect the motor shaft to the system. What the heck, I have a Grizzly mill/drill and a lathe.... It works quite well, but most won't wish to go through that stuff.

      OK and alternate - call Grizzly and maybe other folks selling the same series mill/drill and see what they have as a replacement 3ph motor. For instance, Grizzly has gearhead systems with 3ph motors - check the manuals and/or call their tech support - see if they can give you advice.

      Also check eBay - I did find metric motors - sometimes folks want a bit of money and I'm...frugal. The system here uses eBay acquired materials and my labor...I'm still frugal.

      Let all know what you find out.

      Be well,

      --- On Fri, 6/14/13, svsequoia_pdx wrote:

      > From: svsequoia_pdx
      > Subject: [mill_drill] Spectacular motor failure
      > To: mill_drill@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Friday, June 14, 2013, 1:24 PM

      > There I was, drilling a .109 hole in delrin, and
      > BOOM! the magic smoke escaped from the junction box on my
      > 2HP RF-45 clone mill-drill. The  150 uF start capacitor
      > exploded, blowing the cover off the junction box.  The
      > tattered remains hung there, burning;  it took me a few
      > moments to get my act together, pull the plug and blow out
      > the flames.  Then I had to deal with the smoke
      > detector(s), fire alarm company, etc.  Picture here :
      > Since the motor had been running for 30 seconds (but making
      > a slightly different noise) the start capacitor should not
      > have been carrying current.  A quick check with a
      > replacement cap and a clamp-on ammeter proved that the
      > centrifugal switch was not releasing at speed.
      > The motor is a Chinese YL90L-4, single phase 230V/60Hz, 1740
      > rpm, 2 HP flange mount. Does anyone know of a US source for
      > a replacement?  The only one I can find is the 3 phase
      > Leeson  192206.00 if I upgrade to VFO control.  (I
      > did this upgrade on my 10"
      > Grizzly lath e and it works well.  It's
      > just the $500 or so needed to invest!)  Has anyone done
      > the 3 ph upgrade?  Dop you know if the Leeson is a
      > drop-in replacement?
      > Craig
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