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33436Re: [mill_drill] Re: Spectacular motor failure:

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  • Terry Coombs
    Jun 15, 2013
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      From: julianworks2

      My understanding is that it will just be harder to start with the absence of
      the start capacitor. I know on certain machines other than mills, some guys
      will just give the machine a little kick start with the bump of a pulley to
      get it rollin. I would think that if it's not having too hard of a start you
      might be fine. I don't think I'd suggest trying to kick start a mill as
      there's no good place to do it with these Chinese gear heads.

      My $.02

      I use a piece of leather shoelace wrapped around the spindle to spin my
      RF45 clone up in the higher ranges . For some reason those chinese ponies
      don't like starting from a dead stop in high gear . Been like this from new
      , but I have always intended to go with 3ph and a VFD someday ...
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