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33435Re: Spectacular motor failure:

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  • julianworks2
    Jun 15, 2013
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      My understanding is that it will just be harder to start with the absence of the start capacitor. I know on certain machines other than mills, some guys will just give the machine a little kick start with the bump of a pulley to get it rollin. I would think that if it's not having too hard of a start you might be fine. I don't think I'd suggest trying to kick start a mill as there's no good place to do it with these Chinese gear heads.

      My $.02

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "svsequoia_pdx" <k7cej@...> wrote:
      > So while I am waiting for the vendor to decide whether and/or how they
      > will honor the warranty, I did a little experiment. First I replaced
      > the cap and checked the current into it with a clamp-on ammeter. Sure
      > enough, it never shut off and I hastily hit the OFF switch as the
      > current rose past 20A.
      > I had been in the middle of a project and am very disappointed at the
      > thought of lengthy down time. This got me to thinking, do I really need
      > the starting cap? I mean, the motor runs fine under load without it,
      > and the presence of the run cap should guarantee correct rotation. (The
      > run cap is 20 uF vs. 150 uF for the starting cap). So I tried it out
      > with NO starting cap, and it seems to start just fine.
      > So, the question for all you motor experts: what will it hurt to use
      > the mill (or more correctly the motor) without any starting cap?
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