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33331Re: Menards Rong Fu clone from 1987

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  • Jim S.
    Jun 6, 2013
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      >Be sure it's a pin. Could be they had dog point set screws too long, so
      >it got installed, staked with a pick punch, then ground off as you
      >said. Never underestimate what might happen to get the production out
      >Phil R
      I am sure it is not a dog point setscrew on mine. The pin is square(ish) when seen from the bottom and there is no sign of a tapped hole or hex socket on the outside of the spindle. I wish it was a dog point setscrew--it would be a lot easier to replace. Fortunately this pin/key is below the end diameter of the collet, so a broken pin won't push the collet out of true if it doesn't always line up with the keyway in the collet. Have worked on more than one Bridgeport with a wounded pin.
      Jim (Just a guy who likes to build stuff)
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