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33302Re: [mill_drill] Re: Menards Rong Fu clone from 1987

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  • Andy M
    Jun 1, 2013
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      GDay bloomingtonmike888,

      The recommended torque on the R8 drawbar is around 115 PSI. That is what
      is recommended by Bridgeport to prevent the kind of movement that Edgar

      So in that case the pin would be needed. I have an R8 spindle also, but
      I must admit that I don't torque it down to anything like 115 PSI.

      Maybe I will when the spindle wrench arrives though.

      Food for thought.

      Andy M

      bloomingtonmike888 wrote:
      > It definitely is an R8 collet and not MT3. Dont know what I was thinking
      > - the 12"craftsman lathe I have has a MT3 bore through it.
      > Also it feels like there is the ever so slight bump of where the pin
      > used to be. I will try it as is and even line the collets with the minor
      > nub I really don't think I will need it.The drawbar fits the collets
      > very nicely.
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