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32961Re: [mill_drill] Covering up ball oiler ports

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  • Andy M
    May 3, 2013
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      GDay Craig,

      Mounting the scale on the front allows you to space the scale away from
      the table. On my front mounted scale I have a 10mm gap between the scale
      and table which is ample for adding a 90deg adapter for the ball oiler.

      The adapter could easily be made from 3/8" x 3/4" mild steel stock with
      intersecting holes drilled in the appropriate faces. A small mild steel
      tube turned from an old bolt or similar, would be inserted into the ball
      oiler hole with an appropriate sealer to prevent leaking and the small
      block would then be pressed over the tube and secured in place with a
      couple of 4-40 countersunk screws or similar.

      If you are able to remove the original ball oiler without damage, then
      you can reuse it in the adapter. If not then a simple set screw (grub
      screw) or even a small thumb screw could be used although that would be
      less convenient.

      This block could also be used as the stop point for the T-slot stops.

      Andy M

      Craig E. Johnston wrote:
      > Druid:
      > Mounting front or back each has its limitations. But both will cover an
      > oiler port—that is what I am trying to assess and compensate for.
      > Craig
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