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32954Re: [mill_drill] Covering up ball oiler ports

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  • Curt Wuollet
    May 1, 2013
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      I haven't seen your install but you could probably fit a piece of tubing
      bent to come up in some more convenient place. Or hand oiling will work,
      but it's hard to get any quantity in the center to fill the groove.



      svsequoia_pdx wrote:
      > I am in the process of installing Ditron glass scales on my RF-45
      > clone nill-drill. The obvious place to mount the long x-axis scale is
      > on the back side of the table, with the optical head bolted to the
      > Y-axis saddle. Unfortunately, the scale completely covers the ball
      > oiler port on the back side for the x-axis motion. Spacing the scale
      > off the table is a non-starter, since it already eats up an inch of
      > the y motion by limiting travel back to the square column.
      > How much of an issue is not being able to use the back ball oiler port?
      > I can manually brush some way oil on the underside of the ways
      > periodically--will that be good enough?
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